Mania Zamani

Fringe Earrings with Diamonds


The UNITY Collection is a realization of the universal and sacred nature of geometric, artistic forms. The joining of UNITY and diversity in the discipline of proportional limitations creates forms that are universal, mystical and harmonious.


  • 18K Yellow Gold 22 gr
  • GVS White Diamonds 1.03 ct
  • Length 6cm
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MANIA ZAMANI´s interest in the patterns of natural phenomena drew her to mathematics, which she studied at university. Her search for timeless measures of harmony explains the pivotal role of maths and geometry in her work. She later studied gemology and jewelry design at the Gemological Institute of America. MANIA ZAMANI´s is a cohesive vision based on architectural form and principle. Her preoccupation is with buildings made of lines, angles and squares yet her interpretation of texture and color is modern, highly stylistic and undeniably feminine.