Maria Kotsoni

The Wreath of Life Charm 2021


The Wreath of life, charm for 2021 is crafted in 18K gold hallmarked in Cyprus. It comes in a highly polished finish and can be worn as a pendant or attached on our single hoop flexible cuff.
The Wreath of life, charm takes inspiration from the symbolism of the grain and the significance of number 21. It is symbolic of completion, regeneration, rebirth abundance and a fruitful new beginning. The Wreath of life, charm is part of the designer’s ‘Precious Grain’ collection that evolves around the leitmotif of the ‘Grain’ as a universal symbol of resurrection, sustainability, regeneration, abundance and fertility.

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Maria’s work is about volume, visual impact and pristine shapes that she creates with a sculptress’s flair. Inspired by the great civilizations that left their mark on her island’s rich cultural heritage, Maria attempts to evoke the connection between past and present in a way that transcends cultures... Learn about the designer