Marie Mas

Dancing Vertical Rigid Bracelet


With each movement of the hand, the purple side can reverse to reveal different shades of blue.


  • 18K Rose Gold
  • PURPLE SIDE: 1 Rose Quartz: 0.26ct – 2 Pink Amethysts: 0.66ct – 1 African Amethyst: 0.60ct – 2 Brazilian Amethysts: 0.92ct
  • BLUE SIDE: 1 Blue Moon Quartz: 025ct – 2 Sky Blue Topaz: 0.81 ct – 1 London Blue Topaz: 0.85ct – 2 Swiss Blue Topaz: 1.23ct
  • Total 12 Stones: 5.58ct
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MARIE MAS creations come to life and change color with bodily movements, possessing dynamic wearability. The brand ethos centers on merging expert craftmanship with patented jewelry techniques. The MARIE MAS woman is happy, playful, and likes to have fun. Marie Mas jewels have a soul; they come to life when you wear them. The precious stones are set back to back and, as if by magic, an ingenious mechanism allows the gems to rotate and switch color in a balletic domino effect. Each piece of jewelry can transform and adapt itself to suit one’s personality and desires. They can change color with the movement of your body or the way you choose to wear them. In essence, our pieces highlight the beauty of the woman and the sensuality of her gestures. More than jewelry, MARIE MAS creations are experiences. Learn about the designer