Myrto Anastasopoulou

Dreamer Hawks Eye Pendant Platinum Chain


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reamer Charm 2021- Hawks Eye Limited Edition for i-D CONCEPTSTORES

Some nights, when the sky is clear and the city lights subside, we look up to marvel at the night sky, illuminated by sparkling stars and the splendid moon. A waxing Moon carved out of Hawks Eye, a special edition uniquely for ID concept stores, is  the Lucky charm for 2021.The waxing Moon symbolizes attainment and positive growth in people. Also associated with feminine qualities, the Moon is a symbol of sensitivity, compassion and connection with others. Hawks Eye is a dark bluish- black stone with a silky iridescent effect like a dancing movement, reminiscent of a shooting star in the deep dark of night. Hawks Eye is good for looking within, it is a stone of intuition, and helps you see the big picture. It brings one’s attentiveness to the world and to fellow creatures. It puts the cycle of life into perspective and helps you find your place in the natural order of the cosmos. A lucky charm for all dreamers, The Dreamer Moon invites you to dream and hope and remain connected to the universe and to each other.

  • Silver 925
  • Silver Chain Platinum Plated
  • Chain Length 50cm
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Myrto creates expressive pieces of jewelry, designs that celebrate freedom and fluidity. Born and raised in Greece, she spent her childhood soaking up its light, its wild sea landscapes and the spirit of its people. This sense of light and freedom is impressed within the fabric of her designs. She originally trained in theatre design and later specialized in art therapy. Both her fields of study, imprinted strongly in her the idea of the image as an allegory of the hero’s secret world. An arbitrary class in wax carving in 2009 introduced her to the art of jewelry making. Her approach to jewelry is very personal and artistic. As a dedicated designer- maker, she draws  much inspiration from her raw materials. The carving wax for model making, gold, precious stones, they all beget a story that is yearning to unfold. Learn about the designer