MYSTiS by Sofia Zarari

1821-2021 Short Tassels Necklace


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200 Years of Poetry

“From the graves of our slain

Shall thy valour prevail

As we greet thee again

Hail, Liberty, Hail!”

[Hymn to Liberty by Dionysios Solomos _ Translated by Rudyard Kipling]

1821 – 2021: Still burning alive within us, the Revolution of 1821 has been incessantly nourishing both our psychic and historical memory for two centuries. The faith, the strength and the pride of the whole Hellenic people, who found the vigor to rise up against the yoke of the Ottoman Empire endured for four relentless centuries, in pursuit of their claim to achieve National Freedom and Independence.


  • Gold Plated Bronze
  • Sterling Silver
  • Magnesite Turquoise Beads
  • Pearl Beads
  • Cotton Tassels
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MYSTiS by Sofia Zarari is founded and designed by the artist Sofia Zarari. Her work tells personal stories, creates microcosms of escape and seeks to delve into the subconscious. She occasionally uses performance art—movement and speech—as a means to approach cultures, revive primitive practices and decode symbols and understand their meanings. Armed with collage and assemblage techniques, she manages to transcend the boundaries of small-scale art and the rules of the wearable art of jewellery to express herself through visual art. Learn about the designer