Come Berenices Earrings



  • 18K Yellow Gold
  • 14K Yellow Gold Chains
  • Weight: 6.80 gr
  • White & Brown Diamonds
  • Tsavorites
  • Blue, Pink & Orange Sapphires
  • Topaz
  • Amethyst

The Collection

The Uranos collection was inspired during a night of drifting and dreaming under the stars. Pari began examining extensively the origin of galaxies and constellations where she came across ancient maps of the very first constellation names and the magical Greek myths behind each of them. From that moment on she was determined to create a collection out of Uranos (Sky in Greek). Each piece is inspired by the solar system, the star constellations and the galaxies. “Myths” are hidden behind each creation, from planet orbit pendants to the magical story of Coma Berenice’s.

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Born in Athens, Pari Sofianou is all about cosmic-mechanic jewellery. She lived in London for many years, where she studied Scenography at St.Martins College of Art. Soon after she met her mentor, Pippa Small, who introduced her to the world of Jewellery.  Pari is a true dreamer full of creativity and fantasy. It is no surprise that Pari jewellery line is inspired by the cosmos and its mechanics, the mysteries surrounding the world, and the galaxies out there.