Yannis Sergakis

Charnières Ring



  • 18K Yellow & Black Gold
  • White Diamonds cut Brilliant: 0.33ct
  • Diamonds Colour: G+
  • Diamonds Clarity: VS

Each piece is accompanied by its certificate of authenticity



A “charniere” is an elegant hinge used by “traditional” Greek jewelers to tie together precious metals and stones.

This line entails authentic, valuable pieces reminiscent of the way jewellery was appreciated in earlier times, but with a contemporary twist. Most of the pieces in this line are made of yellow gold and are decorated with black rhodium plating. The shapes in this line have a geometrical feeling; their forms are more “archaic”.  Yellow gold loses its “brightness” when black rhodium is added around the diamond stones and the two of them play a game of contrast. Alternatively, the use of black rhodium on the wired parts of the jewellery creates a balance between the color of gold and the form/shape of the jewellery.

This is a game of light vs darkness. In the end, the winner is the brilliance of the stones.

Note: Sizes 47, 48, 49, 55 & 56 are available upon request.
Any other sizes are considered special orders.

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Yannis Sergakis creates pieces that are time-beyond, today. Unhurriedly and seriously. Valuable adornments driven by how jewels in yesteryear were perceived as objects of beauty and value. Craftsmanship is defined by pace and dedication. An adornment is always released in its own time, when perfect. Yannis Sergakis, coming from a Greek family of diamond traders, took his early steps by collecting and trading jewels. He later realized that his true passion was the creation of jewellery. In 2004 he set up his own business and started collaborating with renowned jewellery houses in Greece and abroad. Ten years later, he launched his own brand ‘Yannis Sergakis Adornments’ with the CHARNIÈRES collection, encapsulating some of his most iconic and much sought-after pieces. Learn about the designer