A Totem Fûr Elita is a collection of caremade silk scarves created by Loula Levedi, made so far of 100% Greek silk inspired by the Greek and other Ancient cultures placed on today’s topos. The occasion to breathe life into this idea was her interest in the possible dialogue or impact between mythology-ancient cultures-historical events , nativity figures and the modern people. ”A Totem Fûr Elita” is all about ” impossible encounters” between cultural symbols that motivate us to expand experience through imaginative illustrations that aim to bridge timeless cultural elements with contemporary pop cultural symbols. By these kind of visual encounters, new modern narratives can result. A hybrid visual ground of expression is created suggesting new synergies that aim to make people think , smile and add these silky visual narratives to his/her clothing. ”My aim is to create something more than a simple silk scarf, my intent is to create a short of contemporary ”Totem”, charged with unique properties, capable of become a man’s little treasure, capable to accompany not only the body but also the soul of the modern man.”