AMROSE is originally a family story: that of Océane and Victor, brother and sister passionate about travel and fashion. The first one went to school at the Institut Français de la Mode. The second one, is journalist for many years. Together they have decided to offer you products that make you unique.

The hook technique -“crochet”- is used to make shoes unique. It takes at least a day to make these durable cotton models! It still remains to embroider, assemble to finish work… AMROSE has totally modified this classic model of shoes. The tip of the foot is rounded; leather soles are replaced by soles of sneakers; all with a high-end assembly in the AMROSE Portuguese workshop.

AMROSE shoes are created by knitters that work from home. As on paintings, AMROSE draws pretty embroidery on canvas, creating 8 different models of embroidery. Each embroidered is accompanied by its history and an illustration.

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