When Daniel Swarovski first introduced his crystal-cutting machine in the nineteenth century, couturiers quickly caught on to the array of possibilities that glittering crystals could afford them. Charles Frederic Worth and Jeanne Paquin were the first to embroider their gowns with Swarovski crystals and they soon became a prized material in Parisian ateliers. Following a century-long tradition of close collaboration with some of the top houses of couture -including Chanel, Schiaparelli and Christian Dior-, Atelier Swarovski was born out of Swarovski’s rich legacy and a desire to explore the next frontier of crystal-couture jewelry. Autumn/Winter calendar. In 2014, Atelier Swarovski launched the in-house designed Core Collection, which aims to further showcase the expressive capabilities of crystal as a creative medium. The collection evolves every season and is inspired by the element of water. Continuing Swarovski’s longstanding history of innovation and collaborating with the finest creators in design, art and fashion, Atelier Swarovski offers creators a unique platform to craft special pieces that combine mastery, craftsmanship and crystal with their unique vision.