Elé Karela is a Greek jewellery designer. She was born and raised in Athens, and graduated from Central Saint Martins with a bachelor’s degree in jewellery design. She’s been making jewellery since 2008, releasing small collections and focusing mainly on bespoke orders. As is evident from her collections and one-off pieces, she is inspired by ancient myths and symbols, which she renders into stories told through metal and stone. By employing a creative process that mimics both celestial and terrestrial bodies she’s able to translate her love for the natural world into something tangible – the stimulus comes from the sky, the tools to bring the idea to fruition from the earth. Her jewellery stands out for its attention to structure, dimensions and colour. Each piece is carefully considered so that it is represented on all of its facets, a rarity in modern jewellery. For Elé, colour is life and that belief has fostered a hypersensitivity to the nuances and density in stones, and how colour is perceived through light. The artisanal approach she takes to creating her jewellery is truly unique, as she employs specialists in every sector from inception to delivery of the piece, and is involved in the entire process.

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