Francesca Villa is an Italian designer. Creative Director of one of Italy’s most famous goldsmiths – leading a team of creatives, they design and develop jewellery for international brands and fashion houses. In 2007, she launched her own brand. Her own collection is inspired by stories of great voyages, and her own travels. Her fascination started with the tales of her grandfather Nino – a captain of commercial vessels – who travelled the world, returning with souvenirs of new places. Her collection is a complex symbiosis in which the handicraft of the modern “bricoleur” meets the soul of the artist. A closer look shows a leitmotif running through her work – A love letter, an antique toy soldier, Chinese boules from the 1800s, vintage chips from American casinos – objets trouvés, things found in a drawer, discovered in antique shops and flea markets or visiting collectors around the world, in all these fragments Francesca sees the heartbeat of hers and others’ lives in their full evocative force.