GALLERY DIAMOND was founded in 1989. Since then, it has been providing its customers the opportunity to select the loose diamond of their choice and design their own solitaire ring that will carry the precious stone.

GALLERY DIAMOND values high quality and luxurious aesthetics. It has exclusive co-operation with the best diamond manufacturers, and diamond brokers in the field, mainly from the Antwerp diamond market, members of the ANTWERP DIAMOND BOURSE, while having also the ability of entering the markets of Israel, New York and India. The luxulrious design of GD jewellery is elaborated by the best master craftsmen in the jewellery field, meet the same strict requirements, as those of its diamonds. GD is having as an ulterior purpose its best adaptation to the modern market standards providing high end master crafted luxury fine jewellery.

Value, quality and authenticity of diamonds over 0,30 – 0,40CT, are certified by the House and have been provided by the internationally recognized certificates, issued by the DIAMOND HIGH COUNCIL (HRD), the INTERNATIONAL GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE (IGI), and the GEMOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF AMERICA (GIA). Every single jewel piece of GD is accomplished in addition by the GD Diamond Report with full-detailed reference to the 4 C’s diamond quality testing criteria, which define their value, as well.

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