Grecian Chick was born in 2013 by two designers and friends Katerina Zouganeli and Anna Tassou. Both of them left their careers in advertizing and followed same professional occupation creating this time unique, handmade accessories. In the summer of 2012 during their holiday they decided to join forces and create the brand “Grecian Chick” as Bags and shoes are the ultimate fetish for both girls. We were inspired …had passion… and that is all we needed!”. The trends of fashion give them their first Kick, but the inspiration comes from… literally everything. Therefore Grecian Chick since 2013 designs and creates handmade bags and sandals made of soft, fine leathers and fabrics inspired by the simplicity and minimalism of Hellenic style and the elegance of the boho chic style, addressing the modern woman who moves rapidly, follows the fashion trends, wants to feel comfortable, be simple but never pass unnoticed! We are proud to announce that all of our products are handmade in Greece!

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