According to a local myth, the first people of Karpathos island, loved their home so much that kidnapped the Olympian Gods and brought them to the island. It is true that even today, in some villages, the locals conserve ancient traditions that are dated back to the ancient Doris and The Minoan Crete. One of these traditions are the local clothes and shoes that are worn by the women every day. These clothes are being made through traditional methods and are dated back to antiquity. Kalliope and Niki were born and raised in Karpathos. Inevitably, they were influenced by the lifestyle and the methods used to make clothes and shoes. Their desire to adjust and enhance the traditional techniques of making shoes, combined with their love for creation and their restless spirit, lead them to the decision of pursuing professionally the industry and in particular the making of sandals. Kalliniki was created to combine the conventional methods with a modern and innovative perspective of designing. The lines are mainly geometrical and minimal and their aim is to show the power, the elegance, and the independent spirit of modern women, turning sandals into shoes that can be worn from morning to night.

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