Simplicity is the expression of supreme excellence
The Art of Simplicity

KLEOS – an ancient Greek word for timeless, eternal Glory – is a genuine concept of an Athens- based design team under the inspiring guidance of the Greek entrepreneur Michael Alibertis. Unique and passionate individuals came together inspired by a common vision, namely to introduce the world of fashion lovers into the power of geometrical shapes to create fashion and even art. Gold scripted Bay Laurel leaf, 4th century. KLEOS’ sources of inspiration since the brand’s inception in 2016 have been two of Ancient Greek culture’s most precious values, Geometry and Symmetry. Two words which define the philosophy of a whole world have shown us the way towards a brand new perspective of aesthetics. Geometry and Symmetry combined with traditional handicraft and unparalleled details create sandals of explicit quality and simple, lean lines. Shapes are always at the heart of every KLEOS creation, and their complex simplicity shapes our idea of what fashion should look like. The relationship between lines ,points and figures is the driving force behind KLEOS’ vision to reproduce natural harmony and balance by eliminating the needless. Our devotion to the supreme excellence of simplicity in lines in combination with carefully selected materials and groundbreaking craftsmanship contributes to the uniqueness of our creations.

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