Lilian von Trapp began designing through upcycling inherited gold and diamond jewellery. By channelling the original heritage of these materials into minimalist pieces, Lilian creates timeless luxury with a conscious heart, a philosophy that builds the foundation of the brand. Her designs are defined by clear lines that can be combined or adapted to suit both everyday and special occasion looks.

Materials are carefully curated by Lilian and her team and all pieces of jewellery are handcrafted by master artisans in the European Union under regulated fair labour conditions, making every one of her creations unique, beautiful and ethical. There is no mining involved in creating Lilian von Trapp jewellery from vintage diamonds and gold. This makes every piece sustainable and mostly free of the environmental and human rights effects associated with the mining of precious stones and metals. All of the recycled gold is sourced from specialized refineries in Germany, that have been “chain of custody” certified by the responsible jewellery council.

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