Designer Valentina Vasilatos presents her new company, VV Conscious Swimwear, with an ecological character, proposing conscious consumption in the field of fashion. The fabric of swimwear is created from plastic/nylon used objects, such as bottles and fishing nets, which give them a second chance of life and are converted into recycled fiber. The use of recycled fabrics is part of the circular economy, which aims to reduce the production of new raw material and to exploit our plastic waste. VV Conscious Swimwear is a supportive member of Healthy Seas, the voluntary organization for collecting fishing nets from the bottoms of Greek and foreign seas, offering it a percentage of swimwear sales. In addition, it cooperates with Aquafil, which invented the patent of the regenerated ECONYL ® fiber, ensuring the validation of recycled fabric in its swimwear. The establishment of an eco-fashion brand is a great challenge, but this fully represents the sensitized and artistic character of the designer. Valentina aims to give the consumer the opportunity to act in favour of the environment in style and opinion through fashion. With her artistic experience, thanks to her studies at Central Saint Martins in London, and in addition to her studies in sustainable fashion, she creates a collection with a dynamic character.

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