Milan-born, London-based jewellery designer Vanessa uses jewellery as a canvas to tell the highs and lows of her life story. There is gentleness at times, a harsher reality at others. Assembling row upon sumptuous row of a dramatic neckpiece of blue Indian sapphires to serve as the backdrop for a night sky, she depicts a romantic starry moonlit evening. Drawing together memories from less idyllic moments, she crafts precious grenades, guns, bats and scorpions. It’s a story with an intense duality. But the journey she portrays is always her own – a tale of love, despite shattered dreams along the way. Artists often paint the picture of their personal human experience through their body of work. Third generation jeweller Vanessa does the same with her jewellery. A romantic at heart, she sometimes feels more like an empowered modern-day warrior. touch women’s spirits and souls.

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