Wéngko Molé is a concept based resort-wear brand represented in London (UK) and Athens (Greece). Inspired by the meaning of the sarong in Eastern cultures and lifestyle, the brand aims to bring its qualities to a Western audience. Wéngko Molé celebrates the simple elegance of this time-honoured tradition. Always influenced by the minimal, elegant cut of the Indonesian tubular sarong, each year our collections extend to new shapes and styles in fine silks that offer ultimate comfort and focus on the bold prints that decorate their surface. Digitally printed in the UK, our garments are crafted in the finest silk and finished by hand in Greece, so that shape and colour work together to emanate both elegance and comfort. Vibrant bold prints take the wearer to the furthest escapes, offering a truly sensational summer experience. Our collections are inspired by themes that bridge far-away cultures, softly blending their colours and motifs into prints that describe an alluring dream. Every new layer that is applied enriches the print, leaving the hidden layers and colours to bleed through and achieve the distinct glow that defines our silks. Every collection introduces a new range of prints, each highlighting our deep layering technique that allows the fabric to exude colour in a fresh and original way.

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