Zoe Keros is a globe trotter & a style enthusiast based in Athens & New York. She holds a BSc in International Economics, Management & Finance from Bocconi University in Milan. She has worked as a Buyer for Attica Department Stores, the largest department stores in Greece and was part of the Business Development team at Brooks Brothers Company, in its NYC headquarters.

Zoe transformed her specialization in fashion and entrepreneurship to pioneer hand-painted jackets with powerful messages, distinctive textures, and style.  Much like the designer herself, Zoe is fun, vibrant and brimming with energy. Her personality undoubtedly shows through each clothing piece.

“Walking through the streets of my favorite city, New York, which brings always out a unique energy, I was inspired to start my own fashion brand, which would be different from what I’ve seen so far.  Somehow, I combined my two great loves, the jackets and the painting.”

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