Since the 18th century, the Mouzannar Family has been established as leading, prominent fine jewelers in the Middle East. In the 1950s, Aziz Mouzannar and his brother Walid made significant contributions to the transformation of Beirut’s Jewelers Souk, positioning it as a main jewelry hub for the entire Middle East. The Lebanese Civil War destroyed the Souk, but it did not affect the Mouzannar family’s prestige whose name remains as an absolute reference in the jewelry industry. The creations made by the house of Aziz and Walid Mouzannar are inspired by Middle Eastern tradition and antiquity combined with a contemporary feel, making them timeless classics, sought out for their substantial value and emotional substance.

Alia Mouzannar studied architecture before embracing jewelry design in 2003.
In addition to her rigorous training, she has a wide visual culture and a passion for contemporary art which inspires her creations. Her pieces are characterized by an exceptional sense of proportion, harmony, poetry, humor and a free spirit.
Emotional value combined with luxury and glamour is inherent to her unique jewelry.

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