Elias Cosindas

Elias Cosindas was born on 21 December 1968 in Athens, Greece. He studied at Focus School of Photography, attended seminars at the Aegean School for the Fine Arts and was a member of Photographic Circle. Since 1990 he specialises in black-and-white fine printing. His work concentrates on everyday life, its banal narratives and candid moments. He treats normality as the ultimate inspiration, and the insignificant as an aesthetic experience. He was assistant to Constantine Manos at the Maine Photographic Workshop in 1998. His commercial work has appeared in various books and publications.

Elias Cosindas presented the following personal exhibitions: Animal Imprints, Astrolavos Gallery, Athens (2004); and Imaginary Reality, Art Center – Psychiko Municipal Gallery, Athens (2007). He also took part in the following group exhibitions: Group Exhibition, Photographic Circle, Athens (1989, 1992); Photo Presentations, Leica Academy, Athens – Leica Gallery, Germany (1996); Aegean: Images of Greece, Greek Press Ministry, Europe – USA (2000); 31 Photographers give their Picture of Greece for 2004, 04 Magazine, Athens (2004); Animals, Astrolavos Gallery, Athens (2005); 12 Photographers: Transport, Mavromichali 55 Gallery, Athens (2005); World Wetlands Day, Mavromichali 55 Gallery (2007).

Elias Cosindas continues to live and work in Athens.

[Megakles Rogakos 12/2007]

ALBUM Imaginary Reality 2007 Art Center – Psychiko Municipal Gallery, Athens

The Art work “Watermarks” of Elias Cosindas will be available on line on October 11,2017