Announcement of Festivities, Skyros


  • Artist: Katerina Kaloudi
  • Work title: Announcement of Festivities, Skyros
  • Dimensions: 40×27
  • Limited Edition 6/7
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Yehudi Menuhin at the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus, edition 6/7


  • Artist: Katerina Kaloudi
  • Unique piece
  • Work title: Yehudi Menuhin at the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus
  • Dimensions: 40×27
  • Limited Edition 6/7 copies
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  • Artist: Katerina Kaloudi
  • Work title: Nereids
  • Dimensions: 120×200 cm
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Olympus, Karpathos


  • Artist: Katerina Kaloudi
  • Work title: Olympus, Karpathos
  • Dimensions: 60×40 cm
  • Limited Edition 2/7 copies
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Cyclopean Rocks, Serifos


  • Artist: Katerina Kaloudi
  • Work title: Cyclopean Rocks, Serifos
  • Dimensions: 40 x 60cm
  • Limited Edition 3/7 copies
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Katerina Kaloudi

Born and lives in Athens Greece.Studied Mathematics and Art at Hamilton College in USA and Photography at the Royal College of Art in London from which she graduated with the prize of excellence in 1986.As a professional photographer, she worked for leading companies and travelled extensively, publishing her photographs in numerous magazines, books and company profiles.Her works belong to private collections worldwide.

One-Woman Shows

 Microcosmos-Macrocosmos, Skoufa Gallery, Athens, 2014.

Les Grecs, Photomed, Beirut, Libanon, 2014.

Les Grecs, Photomed, Sanary sur Mer, France 2013.

Modern Aphrodites, Milos Mining Museum 2010.

Reflections and Mental Landscapes, Citronne Gallery, Poros 2010.

Watercolours, Skoufa Gallery, Athens 2010.

Photographs, Kouros Gallery, New York 2009.

Invisible Contacts, Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athens 2008.

Secrets of the sea, Marine Club Pireus, Athens 2008.

Greeks-Hellenes, Zoumboulakis Galleries, Athens 2004.

Photographs, Skoufa Gallery, Athens 2000.

24 Hours in the Bank, Central Alpha Bank, Athens 1995.

Gypsy Women, Ileana Tounta Center of Contemporary Art, Athens 1991.

Selected Group Shows

Nautilus, Navigating Greece, Centre of Fine Arts, Brussels, 2014.

Silence, Marneri Gallery, Athens 2013.

Greek Seas, Benaki Museum, Athens, 2013-2014.

TRAnSHFormation, National Museum of Modern Art, Athens 2013.

Aphrodite 2012, Museum of Greek Folk Art, Athens 2013.       

Travelling  around the earth, Goulandris Natural History Museum, Athens 2012.

Τhe other Greece, Kouros Gallery, Art Athina, Athens 2010.

Ithaca Regained, Kouros Gallery, Art Athina, Athens 2009.

Mysteries-Illusions, Kaunas Photo, Kaunas, Lithuania 2007.

Photosynkyria 2006, Thessaloniki Museum of Photography.

The Cyclades through the lens of contemporary greek artists, Museum of Cycladic

Art, Athens 2005.

Athens 2004, facades of buildings in Athens covered with giant photographs

during the Olympic Games.

Image and Icon, Macedonian Museum of Modern Art, Thessaloniki 1997.

The Compelling Eye, RCA, London 1989.

20 Young Greek Photographers, International Month of Photography,

Athens 1987.

The European Kodak Award, Arles, France 1987.

2nd Biennale of Young Greek Artists, Thessaloniki 1986.

Graduates of the Royal College of Art, RCA, London 1986.

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