Salina Capers Liquid Soap



Caper Buds have been Renowned for Their Healthful Properties,their Combination With Extra Virgin Olive Oil Strengthens Their Anti-Oxidant,Healing And Protective Virtues

  • 100% Vegan
  • No Harmful Chemicals
  • 300 ml
  • 100% Made In Sicily
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Officine Villadorata is a small soap company born in Noto, in the south-eastern tip of Sicily, from the passion for local craftsmanship and the excellency of raw materials, one can find in the area.In the skills of making by hand, often disregarded, one create unique soaps able to transcend its main purpose and become small pieces of art.Raw materials used to make soaps are carefully selected throughout Sicily, from the rich South East all the way through Etna and its incredible biodiversity until the mythological Aeolian Islands. Each area offering something unique like capers from Salina, pumice stone from Lipari or dark lava stone from Stromboli, all of them handpicked so to maintain unaltered their quintessence. The best of what the island offers is then blended with the key ingredient: fresh organic extra virgin oil to give life to the Officine Villadorata range of products (solid, liquid soaps and oils butters).