John Stoddart

Charlotte Kirk, 2020



  • Photography 2020
  • Charlotte Kirk, Actress (Kiss and Tell)
  • Unframed
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Internationally recognized as one of the most important English photographers of today, John Stoddart began his photographic career in his hometown of Liverpool as a photographer in the early 1980s with Frankie Goes to Hollywood and went on to create some of the most iconic images of the music and cinema world. Each photograph desplayed is taken directly from a negative and has no digital processing, revealing Stoddart's unique ability to capture the very essence of his subjects and the story behind the image. Also known as the “The photographer to the stars", from Beverley Hills to Soho and from Pierce Brosnan to Daniel Craig: John Stoddart's portraits capture the dazzling Hollywood elite before gaining fame and highlighting his true artistry. In the days before social media, John Stoddart’s portraits let us into the elusive world of celebrities portrayed them as real people with true feelings, from Catherine Zeta-Jones dancing on a bed at the Dorchester Hotel to Jeremy Irons sitting in the back of a taxi and looking straight into the lens. He captured their natural beauty and through it managed to create the most magnificent works of art and some of the most important photographic portraits of celebrities of the second half of the 20th century!