KUJTEN is the result of a friendship between two young Parisians: Carole Benaroya and Stephanie Eriksson. One has an expertise in finance, is a fashion and design addict; the other works in the fashion industry, has a real expertise in knitwear and cashmere, and is sensitive to details and the world’s beauty.

It is from this encounter and from a common passion for cashmere, that Kujten arose, or the affordable luxury cashmere. Indeed, KUJTEN knocks over the coding regarding cashmere, by offering a rich and plural style inspired by today’s trends, along with a large choice of timeless classic designs which have been restyled, at affordable prices, all the products being crafted from 100 % cashmere produced in Mongolia.

KUJTEN, which is nothing else by the name of one of the highest peaks of the Altai chain, is also a big crush for Mongolia, the country with a blue sky. It is the unlikely chemistry between the French design of chic and modern stitches and the ancient Mongolian know-how regarding the way to craft cashmere, from the livestock farming, the mowing of the animal while respecting it, until the various steps for processing the fiber. The insurance of a quality at a low price to offer you a large collection that accompanies you in every moment of your life.