Born in Athens in 1973, Dimitris “Huffy” Stavropoulos grew up a holy terror, ploughing through his teens on bikes, skateboards, surfboards, snowboards and pretty much anything that would help him break new boundaries. What set him apart from other boys his age was his love for craftsmanship, directly inherited from his jeweler father, who taught him everything he needed to know about goldsmithing. Combining his attention to detail with his sporting spirit, Huffy emerged a pioneer, fusing jewelry design with microsculpture and mechanical engineering. A new talent on the rise, he parted ways with the family business in order to hone his skills on famed jewelry house “Ilias Lalaounis”, where he was eventually appointed head goldsmith in 2004. Three years later, his profoundly personal approach led to his very own venture, “Huffy Jewels” (est. 2007), where he contemporized gold with precious wooden elements, sculpting ebony into miniature works of art. Far from simple ornamentation, each piece is a universe unto itself, going above and beyond its decorative nature. 

What defines your style?

My jewellery design combines microsculpture and mechanical engineering. 

What are your most commonly used materials?

Gold, silver, ebony, precious and semi-precious stones.

Our Favourite Jewellery Pieces by HUFFY

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