Born in Athens, Pari Sofianou is all about cosmic-mechanic jewellery. She lived in London for many years, where she studied Scenography at St.Martins College of Art. Soon after she met her mentor, Pippa Small, who introduced her to the world of Jewellery.

Pari is a true dreamer full of creativity and fantasy.  It is no surprise that Pari’s jewellery line is inspired by the cosmos and its mechanics, the mysteries surrounding the world, and the galaxies out there.

What defines your style?

My style is defined by my love to depict the mysteries of the universe and the nature on my creations.

What are your most commonly used materials?

I mostly use yellow gold and precious stones.

Pari Sofianou Portrait m

Our Favourite Jewellery Pieces by Pari Sofianou

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