Lydia Venieri

Tarots of Love



The form of intelligence is love.

Love is the common interest, the compression, the participation, care, beauty and health. Art holds the key of perception initiating the beings into the unseen world through the senses. Every human is the factor of invisible power which defines them and their trajectory and finally their life.The ancient gods, the calling (martyrdom ) of the saints and  the zodiac signs carry the meaning of these powers which the feelings are the most simple form of expression.We all have inside us these powers as we are all puppets with  invisible strings but in our inside microcosm these divinities reflect in our face: From the most beautiful to the most ugly, from the most intelligent to the most stupid, from the most generous to the most mean and if it is the heroic self who protects the terrified one who else will do it?

The tarot of unseen power puts in order the thoughts, cleans up the horizon and studies the power which defines the destiny, targets and facilitates the communication with the highest (sublime) self.

  • Print
  • Limited Edition of 100
  • Signed and Numbered by the Artist
  • Dimensions 28.5cm x 34cm


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Lydia Venieri was born in 1964, in Athens, Greece. She lives and works in New York. She studied at the Ecole Nationale, Superieure des Beaux Arts. She is well known for her evocative sculpture installations which bridge mythology with current events, and for her ability to combine humor with self-reflection on human conditions in our times, through her characters that are taken from mythology, history, fairy tales and daily life. In her stories dreams reinforce reality and reality reinforce dreams. The provocative visualizations of the universe of Venieri's work offer a Potnian statement about the world in flux in which we live. She has had many exhibitions around the world. MORE LYDIA VENIERI ARTATHINA