The Old Art of Weaving Time

i-D ProjectArt new exhibition: “The Old Art of Weaving Time…”, which opened on Saturday 3 November, reminds us that even in the years of technology and speed, the ancient art of rug textiles still connects people with time as well as with each other as a community.

Panos Pamoukoglou chooses and presents (with his long experience) authentic 19th-century handmade Caucasian rugs and Sumakhs from his collection. A particularly crucial area between the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea, where for centuries it has been a meeting place for cultures and peoples’ interaction in the ancient art of weaving.
For many, Caucasus, is the cradle of this art, with the richness of vivid colors, symbolism, stylized designs depicting the lives, history and tradition of these peoples.
Irene Daniolou – Neophytou is inspired by the use of rugs and combining them with a variety of other materials, creates small visual works of intense interest that point to the original significance of tradition, resulting in personal work of art. The uniqueness of these works is a global originality, since Irene Daniolou-Neophytou first gave value to her visual intervention in small precious pieces of old carpets.
Duration: 3 November until 8 December 2018.
Opening hours: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 10.00 -19.00. Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 10.00-21.00
i-D ProjectArt: Kanari 12, Kolonaki, 10674, tel. 2103221801.