Baroque pearls are the ultimate must-haves this summer

Baroque pearls are the top jewelry trends this summer. We spotted them on Spring Summer 2018 runways, they are not perfectly spherical like the vintage or decidedly retro style pearls much loved by Coco Chanel, but irregular, yet still harmonious. They are the so-called baroque pearls, each with their own irregular, unique shape and ideal to create exclusive and original pieces.

The idea to use irregular pearls for unusual jewels was popular already long time ago: back in the Renaissance and until the 17th century leading goldsmiths and jewelers created pieces featuring bizarre and extraordinary shapes and colors using baroque pearls to resemble fauns, tritons and fantastic animals, courtesy of the shapes of these pearls and enriched with gold and colored enamels.

If you were wondering if pearls are back in fashion, the answer is yes! Adding a sophisticated touch to rustic jewels, in earrings, set in extravagant pieces, nestled in pendants or incorporated into layered necklaces, they’re the perfect addition to your summer jewelry box for an au naturel allure in the sun.

Dolly Boucoyannis, Marlnen HT,  Sophia Kokosalaki, are some of our favourite fine jewellery designers that work with pearls.