Between Friends, Sculpture Exhibition

Five major visual artists joined their inspirations and creations at the sculpture exhibition inaugurated at the i-D ProjectArt on May 29, 2018, with the eloquent title “Between Friends”. The exhibition also complemented some paintings by artists working on sculptures and completing the creative image of their work. Maria Xanthakou was the organizer and artistic director of the exhibition.
The exhibition included: Angelos Antonopoulos, Lydia Venieri, Kostis Georgiou, Venia Dimitrakopoulou, Nektarios Kontovrakis. They presented different sculptural aspects, which reflect their dynamics in this particular way of expression, through contemporary works that are surprising by their temperament and intensity.
Angelos Antonopoulos recounts his childhood memories and presents sculptures that, while having the adult proportions, have kept the child’s characteristics and are accompanied by games of a different age. Also wall-painted embossed portraits of corresponding aesthetics and philosophy with fragments of childhood memories. The reference to Kythera, a favorite place for the artist, and to their architecture, is made through composite works combining painting with metal plates and photography.
Lydia Veneiri invites us to see through its magical, transparent sculptural spheres, where it has deposited pieces of nature, details of the environment, animal and plant, which it performs in its own pop art way. Her anthropocentric plans and her subtropical landscapes with distinctive faces and corners of Greece complement her own view in the exhibition.
Kostis Georgiou presents dynamically clusters of dancer-acrobats, which point to the explosion in explosive colors with the cobalt blue and the bright red dominating. Similarly explosive are the paintings, figures sometimes familiar and occasionally grotesque and allegorical through a completely personal, surrealistic mood. There are also other summer moods that expose the artist’s zealous energy and dynamics.
Venia Dimitrakopoulou focuses on a charming, naked body made of metal and glass, which, with the title “See through me”, refers to the transparency and purity that defines friendship and every human true relationship. “See through me” is the definition of proximity.
Nektarios Kontovrakis chooses from his beloved unity with the domestic sculpted animals, representative samples of his work made in bronze, as well as paintings inspired by the landscape of Aegina, where he lives permanently.
A dynamic “Between friends” meeting that expresses dedication, faith, submission to this very object of art. “Between friends” honesty, support, clarity, transparency …