Myrto Anastasopoulou x i-D Concept Stores

Myrto Anastasopoulou
i-D Concept Stores and Myrto Anastasopoulou presented Midsummer Pink, a summer Pop-up presentation of Myrto’s new 18k gold collections: Alis and Secret Garden. Our flagship store’s window display, in Kolonaki, was designed by Myrto as an installation popping with color, so as to complement the aesthetics of the collections. Alis, a ‘symphony of colour’ jewellery collection has been inspired by the beauty of colour and the extraordinary variety of tourmaline and sapphire shades. Cabochon stones adorn the collection, like perfect droplets of water that sparkle in all the colors of  the rainbow. Dreamy and elusive, they have landed on the jewels, capturing a glimmering moment of existence in their luscious hues. Like in a dream. Secret Garden tells a lavish story of colorful imagination and dreamy passion. Sumptuously opulent gems infuse their potent magical story and breathe life into one of a kind jewels. Plentifull color and abundant energy abide within Myrto’s collections. i-D Concept Stores invites you to immerse into the dreamy world of her jewelry collections.