Under 33-2020

under 33-2020

Our art space i-D ProjectArt successfully presented the group exhibition “Under 33-2020”, with contemporary art from a new generation of artists under 33.

The energy of Antigoni Amanitou and the vibe of the space have transformed into an opportunity for six young artist to meet the general public and show their work for the first time.

With a different perspective and with freedom to express themselves, emerging artists reproduced part of their studio and welcomed
the public and the journalists. They exchanged views on contemporary art, shared new visual stories, dreams, thoughts and aspirations
for 2020 and the new decade.
The exhibition runs until end of January, 2020 and the six young Greek artists are: Alexandra Kapsi, Michalis Koussis, Nikos Komiotis, Kevin Mucollari, Achilleas Tsiridis, Alexandra Charitou.