i-D Concept Stores proudly present “Olympia” by KOORELOO & The Benaki Museum

Kooreloo Olympia Bag

The “Olympia” bag by KOORELOO & The Benaki Museum/Mentis-Antonopoulos (NEMA) Passementeries was presented at the i-D Concept Stores flagship boutique in Kolonaki. An art installation by the designer Leila Karr of KOORELOO was created for the unique window display.

Inspired by the stadium and the vaulted entrance of Ancient Olympia, ‘Olympia’ captures elements of the Greek cultural heritage using traditional braids created by NEMA.

KOORELOO is a fashion brand which has created a line of impressively distinguishable products that never fail to stand out from the crowds.  The constant search for inspiration and further creation, led the designer of the Brand, Leila Karr, to experiment with the extraordinary materials produced by The Benaki Museum / Mentis – Antonopoulos (NEMA) Passementeries. The brand’s DNA derives directly from blending together the idiosyncratic personality of our designer with local materials, traditional weave and luxurious one-of-a-kind fabrics, that come directly from the glorious heritage of Greece.  KOORELOO bags are handcrafted with exceptional care and are better described as art objects.  Mentis-Antonopoulos (NEMA) Passementeries is a rare survival of spinning, which still produces ribbons, braids and tassels using old methods. For over a century and a half, its products (strings, decorative cords, braids, fringes, tassels, “Brandebourg”) decorated Greek traditional and theatrical costumes, traditional vests, military uniforms and sewing creations in Greece and abroad. Today, under the auspices of the Benaki Museum, the production continues, faithfully following the steps of the way of processing silk and the way of processing the thread by hand but also with machines dating from the beginning of the last century. NH.M.A promotes the learning and preservation of traditional arts, while at the same time supporting contemporary artists.

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