VV Conscious Swimwear in i-D Concept Stores

VV Conscious Swimwear

i-D Concept Stores presented the young designer Valentina Vasilatou and her company, VV Conscious Swimwear a new luxury line of conscious swimwear. The launch event of the brand took place at the #iDAthens store in Kolonaki, communicating “Once a plastic bottle now a conscious swimwear” proposing the conscious consumption in the space of fashion.

Valentina aims to give the consumer the opportunity to act in favor of the environment with style and perspective through fashion. With her artistic experience, thanks to her studies at Central Saint Martins in London, as well as her studies in sustainable fashion, she creates a collection with a dynamic character. The designs on the swimsuits are her own creations, inspired by sea creatures. Observes the combinations of shapes and colors, and in a minimal way captures the art of nature in her swimsuit.

From start to finish, each piece is made with the environment in mind. Their pieces are made using repurposed plastic and nylon waste. To assure quality and durability, whilst you’re on the beach and in the water, they have chosen to use the finest quality of Italian fabrics.

All supplementary items (packaging etc.) are ecofriendly, and with their vibrant, striking designs and 1% of sales going towards Healthy Seas, what reason don’t you have to invest in your very own VV Conscious Swimwear for the summer? Get yours here