Katerina Psoma


Originally from the heart of Athens, Katerina Psoma developed her sense of culture and style, while she was studying History of Art in Rome and London. During her travels, she accumulated a selection of fine stones and rare ornaments which later became the backbone of her first jewellery collection in 2001. The seasonal collections are mostly influenced by artistic and design movements such as abstract expressionism or Memphis. The permanent lines are inspired by her Greek heritage as evident in the Artemis or Tinos collection. She loves to reinvent classic jewellery: the Eclipse collection gives a fresh interpretation to pearls. The Artemis collection combines goose and ostrich feathers with bronze and gold plated silver. The Cyclos collection reinterprets 1970’s elements into classic Greek forms, while the Treasure Hunt collection focusses on rare finds and exquisite stones to create mostly one off pieces. All KP creations are masterfully crafted in her Athenian atelier by trained artisans. It takes a lot of time, specialized skill and dedication to create one of the pieces.

What defines your style?

My design style emphasises the colours and shapes of the stones I use in my creations.

What are your most commonly used materials?

Vintage finds, Murano glass, antique trade beads, carved jade and translucent semiprecious stones are some of the refined materials she handpicks for her pieces.

Our Favourite Jewellery Pieces by Katerina Psoma